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Surf the Internet conveniently and at low cost?
✓Makes it possible! Save up to 100% on roaming charges.
✓No hidden costs.
✓Cheaper than with the carrier.
✓no contract. no roaming charges.
✓Freely selectable activation date.

Prepaid internet packages:

Regular SIM Card

eSIM Card

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The Prepaid Sim Card - Mobile Internet

You can order the card via our website, when you are ordering, please give us the date from when the package should be active, we will send you the card and the card will be activate on the day that was given when order, you just need to insert the card into your phone or router and you can enjoy the Internet.

✔The card works on Smartphones, tablets or router. When choosing a phone, please remember that phone is free from the SIM-lock. You can share the Internet with your phone (Hot-Spot).

Your Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and navigation apps will work perfectly during your trip. Despite a different sim with another phone number you can continue to use your WhatsApp as before, and your friends or family will reach you with your usual, known phone number.

When you will buy the Pay-as-you-go sim card you do not need to pay any further cost except the purchase price in our shop. Also, no need to give any personal information to the mobile carrier.

The network coverage of this  Pay-as-you-go prepaid sim card is ultra speed 4G Lte .

you can top up the Prepaid sim card pay-as-you-go  through our website for the next package on the home page you will find the top up "tab.We do not need a card number, just remember to enter the first and last name on the form that was given at the first order.

The Most Popular Countries

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

  • 1 GBs 30 Days € 34.99
  • 3 GBs 30 Days € 49.99
  • 10 GBs 7 Days € 54.99
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  • 3 GBs 30 Days € 29.99
  • 6 GBs 30 Days € 39.99
  • 10 GBs 30 Days € 49.99
  • 25 GBs 30 Days € 59.99
  • 50 GBs 30 Days € 79.99
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  • 1 GBs 15 Days € 1.99
  • 3 GBs 30 Days € 39.99
  • 6 GBs 30 Days € 59.99
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  • 1 GBs 7 Days € 24.99
  • 2 GBs 7 Days € 34.99
  • 4 GBs 14 Days € 44.99
  • 8 GBs 14 Days € 69.99
  • 10 GBs 15 Days € 79.99
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