This is a prepaid SIM card that allows you to use the services of your network abroad.
Optional sizes: mini, micro, nano.
This is a normal starting card for a phone or router.
You order a card through our website> when ordering,you provide us with the date of your travel and when the package suppose to be active>
we send you a card> we activate the card on the day that was given when ordering>
you put the card into the phone or router and you can enjoy the internet
The card works on Smartphones, tablets or router. When choosing a phone, please remember that phone is free from the SIM-lock. You can share the Internet with your phone (Hot-Spot).
There are no additional fees except the cost of the internet package plus the cost of delivery by courier.
Our card is only to use the internet, however
a card for the European Union can be used with unlimited calls&SMSs
The card will be sent on the same day if the order will be until 3:00 PM
There are two options: by post (2-6 days) for free or by courier (1-2 days) for 10 euros
The validity of the package depends on the chosen country. In most of countries, the packages are valid 30 days ,
however, there are also countries in which the package is valid for 15 days, 8 days or 7 days.
The price list for each package is given due to your card validity.
Yes, you can top up the card through our website for the next packet
on the home page you will find the top up "tab.
We do not need a card number, just remember to enter the first and last name on the form that was given at the first order .
The card is valid for 4 months after the package has been used up and you can recharge it again.
Phone with SIM-lock - which prevents the card from working
No roaming enabled
No "Data transmission" option enabled
When making the Internet available, the "Hot-Spot" option in not enabled on the device from which you want to share the Internet
Not enabling the "Data transmission" option on the device from which we want to use the shared Internet
When using devices other than telephone - there is no configuration of the device, which prevents the proper functioning of the Internet and the equipment
We have one card that works in all EU countries.
We have cards that operate in several countries. you can write to us and inform us to which country are you going to travel and we will inform you which card will be needed.