Why do I need Internet abroad? event_available 26/5/2019

Do you plan a unique trip to exotic Asia? Or maybe the destiny of your journey is wild Africa? Wherever you go, the matter worth considering is if internet is actually a necessary equipment of every successful trip. Many people can’t imagine longer journey without permanent access to the Internet. Why? There are at least several essential reasons, which can be used for an answer of this question.


Travelling abroad is a wonderful adventure and also an opportunity to rest among breathtaking views and exotic faces. It is also a close encounter with something often completely unknown – especially for people who are going to a foreign country for the first time. No matter how carefully you plan your journey, unexpected situations appear almost always (unless you don’t plan to leave your hotel J).  Just a walk around the city can lead us to entirely unknown location. At this time permanent internet access, as well as possibility to look into the map or use GPS can be a salvation. For many people Internet is a source of mental comfort, because it provides safety and also offers many solutions of unexpected situations.


2. Contact with loved ones

For everyone regular contact with family members, beloved person or friends. Internet access enables us to use mail, Facebook, Skype and other communicators, thanks to which you can stay in touch with people important to you. Certainly, this is the argument that will convince everyone. If only the trip is not a form of escape to the other end of the world J.


3. Necessity

Some people can’t afford to lose touch with the world for a week or two, or even for a whole month. It applies even to people, who are forced to receive business mails during the trip. Also for businessmen for whom foreign trips are a form of work, constant access to the Internet is essential.

Nowadays, many people have obligations that cannot be met without using the Internet. This also applies to bloggers - during the journey they share their experiences with loyal fans. And they want their relations to appear on a regular basis during the trip.


4.  Comfort

The Internet is also a great help, and also helps save time, which seems extremely valuable on foreign trips. Using the Internet, you can easily find interesting places to visit in a foreign country, and you can also check where to eat. In just a few minutes it is possible to compare available offers and read comments with opinions that definitely facilitate the selection. Internet is also necessary to avoid awkward and sometimes even rude situations. In exotic countries, even in Japan, there are many customs that are completely incomprehensible to citizens of other countries. Thanks to the Internet, you can check what's going on at any time and thus avoid offending another person J


5. Entertainment

After an exhausting day full of sightseeing and meeting new people, many people in the evening need some time for themselves - to breathe and relax. For some, a form of relaxation will be even reading a novel. In this case, internet access is not necessary. However, if the form of rest is watching a movie, tracking new posts on the forum or watching videos on YouTube - here the Internet is necessary.



Internet in Turkey event_available 24/5/2019

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Using your own internet in Turkey is associated with very high fees.

Nowadays, few people can tear themselves away from the internet for a few days. To avoid high costs accrued after returning, the only solution is to block internet connections through your network.

The hotels have amenities such as the use of free WI-FI, but it is worth remembering that the quality and speed of the Internet may be unsatisfactory for us. In addition, the hotel internet is not secure and you can be exposed to hacking and downloading sensitive data.

It is also possible to buy a card on the spot, but every SIM card in Turkey is subject to registration, and formalities are expensive and take a long time. As we are traveling abroad and we do not want to worry about finding a place to sell such a card, exposing ourselves to the language barrier.

The best solution is to buy our card. It allows you to use the Internet anytime and anywhere you are.

It is worth buying such a card before leaving without any formalities. Just choose the right package (with the possibility of top-up) and enjoy the Internet.

Why use the Internet while on holiday in Turkey? Here are some examples:

* contact with family and friends

* checking the weather

* checking exchange rates

* synchronizing photos in case of phone failure

* using the map

* web browsing in spare time

Roaming in the European Union event_available 1/5/2019

Many people wonder whether it is worth using your mobile Internet and telephone while roaming. So let's take a closer look.

EU rules on roaming at domestic prices mean that when you use your mobile phone when traveling from your own country to any EU country, you don't have to pay any additional roaming charges. These rules apply when you call abroad (to mobile and landline numbers), send text messages (SMS) and use data services.

When crossing the border within the EU, you will receive a text message from your mobile operator informing you that you are roaming, and reminiscent of fair use principles.

Good News !

If you spend more time in your country than abroad, or if you use your mobile phone more often in your own country than abroad, you can roam freely at domestic prices, anywhere in the EU.

However, it is worth remembering that there are cases when, after exceeding a sufficiently high limit of data sent in roaming at the domestic price, you will have to pay extra for data roaming.

When traveling by ship or plane in the EU, you can roam at domestic prices as long as you are connected to a land-based (land based relay) mobile network. If mobile services are provided via satellite systems, roaming at domestic prices does not apply and you will be charged for unregulated roaming services.


Roaming outside the European Union.

EU rules on roaming at domestic prices do not apply when you call or send text messages from your own country to another EU or non-EU country