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But do you freeze alone or in a group of family and friends? Both options are exciting in different ways and have advantages and disadvantages.
But what would you choose? We can help you make the decision and have listed a few facts for you.
If you travel alone, you decide everything. You don't have to coordinate with anyone and have to deal with when you e.g. want to get up, or what you want to do. You yourself influence what you want to see. Furthermore, traveling alone promotes self-employment. It can be a challenge to face what is going to happen because you don't have a trusted person with whom to rely. On top of that, you are more likely to get in touch with other people and possibly expand your language skills. This can lead to new contacts and maybe even more information about the country and the culture, because local people know the area best.
But we come to freeze in a group. It's no secret that this can be more comfortable. In the event of a problem, you can contact a familiar or familiar person who may be able to help you. This is definitely an option for people who love to be in company and to have their loved ones with them.



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