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Let's start with packing. Put the most important documents, valuables and possibly medication in your hand luggage. These can always be reached quickly in hand luggage. In your suitcase you pack items such as clothes and items that you could replace if lost. It continues with the cell phone, probably the most important medium for staying in touch with colleagues, friends and family. It is hard to imagine being in a foreign country without having mobile internet. A functioning internet access is a must.
However, mobile internet abroad is usually associated with high roaming charges. On-site abroad, language complications can arise. That is why we recommend that you take care of mobile internet before you travel. You don't know where? The Simtravellers website offers cheap internet abroad. No matter whether for smartphone, tablet or router. You pay no roaming fees and are not contractually bound. On the Simtravellers website, select the country you want to travel to and the associated Internet package. Simtravellers will send you the SIM card before your departure and activate it on the day you wish. Have you used up your internet quickly? No problem, because at Simtravellers you can also recharge your SIM card. So you are safe and well connected. 



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  • 1 GB € 24.99
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  • 4 GB € 44.99
  • 8 GB € 69.99
  • 10 GB € 79.99
  • Unlimited Data € 89.99