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Christmas is just around the corner. For many, this means stress. Preparations pile up and then you still have to get the Christmas presents. But once again you're wondering what you could give your loved one?
We can help you with that! What about a trip? Experiences and memories are more valuable than material objects. Giving away a trip alone or even a trip for two could be a great pleasure for your loved ones. Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend has longed for a trip to Australia, Asia or Egypt. There are many beautiful countries to visit. So this would be a perfect Christmas present.

Do you have friends, family or relatives who like to travel often? How about a homemade book. Sounds strange at first. However, this can be a very nice and personal gift. Of course not just any book, but a self-made book with tips, tricks and memories on how to make your trip easier. Do you know that a friend is about to travel abroad in the near future? Then you could even put in the book the best restaurants, places, or landmarks your friend should have seen. In addition, you could even add pictures of yourself so that your loved one keeps a memory of you even on a long trip. Each photo has a story and a wonderful moment that you will fondly remember. Imagine that you have been in Australia or Asia for a long time and you will surely miss your loved one. With a look at the self-made book, memories emerge and you don't feel so lonely on a long trip.
This can be of great help abroad and, in addition, this is a nice gift that you will always remember and have a look at again and again.



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